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Partitioning the Uncertainty of Ensemble Projections of Global Glacier Mass Change

Alpine Glacier Dynamics and EvolutionLarge-scale glacier modellingPolar Ice Caps Dynamics and Evolution
Ben Marzeion, Regine Hock, Brian Anderson, Andy Bliss, Nicholas Champollion, Koji Fujita, Matthias Huss, Walter Immerzeel, Philip Kraaijenbrink, Jan-Hendrik Malles, Fabien Maussion, Valentina Radic, David Rounce, Akiko Sakai, Sarah Shannon, Roderik van de Wal, Harry Zekollari
Earth’s Future 8(7), e2019EF001470
Publication year: 2020

On the imbalance and response time of glaciers in the European Alps

Alpine Glacier Dynamics and EvolutionLarge-scale glacier modelling
Harry Zekollari, Matthias Huss, Daniel Farinotti
Geophysical Research Letters 47(2), e2019GL085578
Publication year: 2020

Large hydropower and water storage potential in future glacier-free basin

Glacier Hydrology and HydropowerLarge-scale glacier modelling
Daniel Farinotti, Vanessa Round, Matthias Huss, Loris Compagno, Harry Zekollari
Nature 575, 341-344
Publication year: 2019