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The impact of climate change and glacier mass loss on the hydrology in the Mont-Blanc massif

Glacier Hydrology and Hydropower
Léa Laurent, Jean-François Buoncristiani, Benjamin Pohl, Harry Zekollari, Daniel Farinotti, Matthias Huss, Jean-Louis Mugnier, Julien Pergaud
Scientific Reports 10, 10420
Publication year: 2020

Present and future water scarcity in Switzerland: Potential for alleviation through reservoirs and lakes

Glacier Hydrology and Hydropower
Manuela Brunner, Astrid Björnsen Gurung, Massimiliano Zappa, Harry Zekollari, Daniel Farinotti, Manfred Stähli
Science of the Total Environment 666, 1033-1047
Publication year: 2019

Large hydropower and water storage potential in future glacier-free basin

Glacier Hydrology and HydropowerLarge-scale glacier modelling
Daniel Farinotti, Vanessa Round, Matthias Huss, Loris Compagno, Harry Zekollari
Nature 575, 341-344
Publication year: 2019

Future shifts in extreme flow regimes in Alpine regions

Glacier Hydrology and Hydropower
Manuela Brunner, Daniel Farinotti, Harry Zekollari, Matthias Huss, Massimiliano Zappa
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23, 4471-4489
Publication year: 2018