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Unravelling the high-altitude Nansen blue ice field meteorite trap (East Antarctica) and implications for regional palaeo-conditions

Harry Zekollari, Steven Goderis, Vinciane Debaille, Matthias van Ginneken, Jérôme Gattacceca, ASTER Team, A.J. Timothy Jull, Jan T.M. Lenaerts, Akira Yamaguchi, Philippe Huybrechts, Philippe Claeys
Geochimica & Cosmochimica Acta 248, 289-310
Publication year: 2019

Report of the JARE-54 and BELARE 2012-2013 joint expedition to collect meteorites on the Nansen Ice Field , Antarctica

Naoya Imae, Vinciane Debaille, Yukihisa Akada, Wendy Debouge, Steven Goderis, Geneviève Hublet, Takashi Mikouchi, Nadia Van Roosbroek, Akira Yamaguchi, Harry Zekollari, Philippe Claeys, Hideyasu Kojima
Antarctic Record, Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages 38-72, 2015
Publication year: 2015