Zekollari, H.
SoftwareX, Volume 6, Pages 285-292, 10.1016/j.softx.2017.10.004, 2017
Publication year: 2017

TopoZeko is a MATLAB function for plotting a variety of natural environments with a pronounced topography, such as glaciers, volcanoes and lakes in mountainous regions. This function extends existing MATLAB plotting routines and allows for high-quality 3-D landscape visualization, with a single color defining a featured surface type or with a color scale defining the magnitude of a variable. As an input, only the elevation of the subsurface (typically the bedrock) and the surface are needed, which can be complemented by various input parameters. Several visualization examples are provided alongside with animations, which can directly be generated in the code. Additionally a simple function to calculate the position of the sun is introduced, which can be used to visualize the daily insolation/shadow cycle over a landscape.

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